Heading to tournaments the past 5 years with our daughter, a multistep skin care routine, was cumbersome and impossible on the road. Working with acne specific clients in my clinic, and trying to find the right fit for my athletes, teens and adults on the go as well, was a challenge. A five step skin care routine is hard to maintain.


 a one step skin care wipe became our idea and goal. 


The goals of our one step treatment wipe are to:

  • Kill bacteria

  • Help heal lesions.

  • Stop new lesions from forming.

  • Prevent scarring.

Shoot a selfie to show us your, glowing bare face and pictures of you and Sweat RX where you are doing your sport or activity. That’s what we mean when we say where in the #sweatrxworld are you?

Joy and Ken Pfister



Joy is the Skin Geek &

Licensed Master Esthetician

Certified Acne Specialist


Ken is the Sports Geek &

Marketing and Operations

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